The Monetary Protestant has been lucky enough to be joined by digital artist B4MBLE. 

B4MBLE's work spans Non-Fungible Tokens as well as traditional mediums such as oil on canvas, sketch, street art and dramatic performance.


His imaginative works deal with dichotomy as truth, with dramatic contrasts between the idealised kawaii style and fallen street art.


The effect is one of dystopian paradise in which appearances are false, with our environment equally comforting and threatening.  Reflecting broader socio-cultural and political realities, B4MBLES work shows us a primal energy creeping into places that we thought were safe.


With exhibitions held regularly in his hometown of Darwin, Australia, B4MBLE is building an impressive digital portfolio to explore money, the physical v digital, and the role of Bitcoins philosophical themes, centralisation v de-centralisation and trustless transactions, exploring the themes as part of a contribution to the concept of the Monetary Protestant.

We are optimistic that the medium, style and content is a compelling cultural offering and look forward to engaging with art customers.