Thomas Kuhn, CFA

 With a background in financial markets and having completed the Chartered Financial Analyst (CFA) program, Thomas has positioned himself to act as translator for Bitcoin and cryptocurrencies to traditional finance while working for the Mine Digital cryptocurrency exchange. 

With pieces featured in the Asia-Pacific Research Exchange of the Chartered Financial Analyst Institute, Quantum Economics, Your Trading Edge, Hackernoon and Medium, Thomas's writing focuses on a forward-looking macro-economic picture as well as the social and cultural events surrounding the Bitcoin universe.


As an analyst, Thomas writes on macro trends, especially the changing role of money in the global financial system. With a special interest in Bitcoin and digital assets he is sought for comment by industry publications such as Forbes, DeCrypt and CoinDesk.

Thomas' investment view is informed by a background trading financial markets in conditions such as the Global Financial Crises, European Debt Crises, Japanese currency interventions and monetarist policy responses while a deep understanding of qualitative changes at the socio-cultural level was developed in a career that shunned traditional financial institutions for their role in financial volatility.